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GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2

GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2

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  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches
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  • ASIN: B000H2DLK2
  • Item model number: 9003NH/BP2
By : GE
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GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2

Product Description Product Description

The GE 9003NH/BP2 NightHawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs provide optimal illumination for safer driving after dark. These ultra-bright, street-legal bulbs ease the challenge of night driving by making it easier to see farther down the road. According to the National Safety Council, automotive related death rates are three times greater at night than during the day. With the NightHawk bulbs lighting the way, you'll drive safer and with greater confidence. And since these bulbs are just as easy to install as any other replacement bulb, you can reap the benefits of NightHawk's intelligent bulb technology within a few short minutes.

The ultra-bright, street-legal GE Nighthawk bulbs ease the challenge of night driving by making it easier to see the farther down the road.

NightHawk bulbs are designed for all drivers. Whether you're an automotive do-it-yourselfer looking to upgrade to the latest lighting technology, or a casual driver simply seeking the brightest GE bulbs available, the NightHawk delivers by putting more light on the road in areas where you need it the most. Using a robust filament and a refined, xenon gas composition, Nighthawk produces an average 30-percent more luminance than GE's standard original-equipment halogen bulbs. Plus, with the vast range of the NightHawk product line, 95-percent of cars and light trucks on the road today can benefit from GE's new bulb technology.

More and more time is spent in vehicles, both for business and pleasure, so brighter bulbs and better vision can make a big difference. If you're looking for more light, greater visibility at a distance, and improved driver confidence, then look no further than the GE NightHawk automotive replacement bulbs.

About General ElectricGE Consumer and Industrial spans the Globe as an industry leader in major appliance, lighting, and integrated industrial equipment systems and services. Providing solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential use in more than 100 countries, GE Consumer and Industrial uses innovative technologies and "ecomagination" -- a GE initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that help consumers meet pressing environmental challenges -- to deliver comfort, convenience, and electrical protection and control.

Ultra Bright NIGHTHAWK. Drive with the confidence. Compared to GE standard automotive OEM bulbs, Nighthawk sealed beams offer, on average, 39 percent additional brightness; Nighthawk capsules offer, on average, 33 percent additional brightness; and Nighthawk fog lights offer, on average, 17 percent additional brightness. This increased brightness puts more light on the road, where drivers need it.


GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2


Product Features

  • Ultra bright
  • Ease the challenge of Night Driving
  • See Further along the Road
  • Street Legal Lighting
  • Includes 2 Bulbs
GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2

Costumer Reviews

I own a 2004 Honda CRV and was hoping to improve the headlight performance. I've heard about the aftermarket headlamps that claim to provide HID-like performance. I also read the Consumer Reports review that summarizes that these aftermarket bulbs do not perform better than OEM and typically have a shorter lifespan. I decided to try the GE Nighthawk and was disappointed. I replaced one bulb and compared it to the original (which is four years old): it looked slightly whiter but it did not improve night visability (it did not illuminate any objects farther away). The GE Nighthawk was manufactured in Hungary, whereas most other brands are manufactured in Germany. I'm not in the lighting business, but the opaque cap on the bulbs were not the same length (not even close, where is the quality control?). Don't bother paying more for the GE Nighthawk, just go back to the Honda dealer and buy OEM replacements. Consumer Reports was right!

P.S. I also tried the Sylvania Ultra Silverstar on another vehicle and in my opinion they are no better than the Sylvania XtraVision (and 60% more expensive)

From all the reviews here and a few other sites, I got the impression that these would be far brighter than OEM bulbs, and thus quickly bought them.

I had the original Silverstars previously, and although those weren't any brighter than my OEM bulbs, their lighter color light made things appear brighter at night. Those bulbs, though, lasted less than a year.

This GE bulb is the same color as OEM, but GE claims 30% more luminance than OEM. I don't see it.

On the bright (no pun intended) side, a year and a half later these are still going strong, but still no brighter than OEM.

Disappointed in the performance.


GE 9003NH/BP2 Nighthawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs - Pack of 2


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